It’s officially The Week of Hats!

This week I will be auctioning 10 of my world famous hand-embroidered hats for charity. All Week of Hats auctions will be done on this eBay page. All auctions will last 72 hours.

MONDAY 1/11: The two hats going up for auction are a Houston Astros hat that says “HORNY,” adorned with a large eggplant design on the left side.

And a University of California, Berkeley “Cal” hat that says “MEZCAL” and features a small shot of mezcal on the left side.

All money raised for Monday’s auction will go to SELAH.

TUESDAY 1/12: These hats will raise money for The Global Hunger Project.  The first hat is a Kansas City Royals hat that says “KURT COBAIN.” And the other hat is a St. Louis Cardinals hat that says “WRESTLING.”

WEDNESDAY 1/13: One hat is a West Virginia University hat that says “WILMER VALDERRAMA” and the other is a  and includes (what Google Translate tells me are) the Japanese characters for seppuku. All the money raised goes to Oceana.


THURSDAY 1/14: The first is a Pittsburgh Pirates hat that says “POPCORN” and the other is a San Francisco Giants hat that says “TRANSFUSION.” All proceeds go to the Equal Justice Initiative. 

FRIDAY 1/15: The last day of the Week of Hats! The first is a completely deranged New York Mets hat that says “NYQUIL” vertically down the brim. And the final hat is a pristine, un-embroidered Los Angeles Dodgers hat, the winner of which will get to decide what “LA” word is stitched on its front. All money for these two hats will go toward the Starlight Children’s Foundation.