Live Events

The easiest way to understand and adopt the Mande Way lifestyle is to see Joe Mande perform live in person. Joe tours the world on a regular basis, touching the lives of MandeFandes young and old with his unique brand of inspirational and motivational stand up comedy speaking engagements.

Date City Venue Tickets
09.06.19 Los Angeles, CA @Dynasty Typewriter Tickets
09.08.19 Dallas, TX @Sons of Hermann Hall Tickets
09.09.19 Austin, TX @The North Door Tickets


The mainstream media is a mind-control device meant to divide, upset, and confuse the masses. With this in mind, and with an eye towards a unified and complete world-wide Omega, Joe Mande now brings you the Joe Mande InfoStream. This is the real truth. This is the world we live in reported without any spin or lies or sugar-coating. (It's advised that only members who have passed Stage IV of Omega training should read/subscribe to the Joe Mande InfoStream.)

The KING OF CONTENT is going back on tour!

Get ready to see Joe Mande, the KING OF CONTENT, as he travels all over America in an heroic attempt to heal a broken nation with his patented mix of humor and live content.